Thursday, September 1, 2016

Up and Coming New Nashville - Meet Fiona Culley

From the far shores of England, Nashville transplant Fiona Culley is carving out her own space of music in Music City. We had the genuine opportunity to chat with her briefly about her career and look forward to our readers hearing her voice.

Discovering her love for Country from a young age, Culley has been penning her own songs since early 2008. Finding inspiration from her countryside home in Staffordshire and the wandering landscapes of England, Fiona’s move to Nashville shaped her music for good.

Blending a collection of old and new influences, from the likes of Johnny Cash to Carrie Underwood, She is bringing her fresh sound to the country music genre. Fiona has just completed her EP with a hit team of musicians and the legendary producer Paul Worley at the helm.

Expect to go through a sea of emotions from songs such as 'What Whiskey Does' written by Brandy Clark & Bob Dipiero that is guaranteed to make you chuckle with its lyrical content but also make you want to bob your head, while 'Better Alone' written by Fiona cuts straight to the heart.

"In a sea of talented female artists Fiona shines through. She demonstrates both a powerful vocal ability and unique artistry to have a long and bright future in the genre.”- Darius Rucker
That Nashville Sound: What drew you to Nashville from the far shores of England?
Fiona Culley: Initially when I first met with my label it was their idea for me to come to Nashville for 6 months. That was four years ago. This town now feels like home. I feel like it's a timeless, ageless bubble of creativity which keeps me forever inspired.

TNS: Describe your EP from the artist's perspective for someone who may not have heard your music.

FC: I feel like my music takes the listener through a journey of emotions. From happy to sad to thoughtful to angry.. When I play a show my goal is to make the audience feel something.

TNS: Who would you say your biggest influences are in your music today?

FC: My father growing up introduced me to so many different genres of music and artists. Trisha Yearwood, Allison Krauss, Glen Campbell, Rod Stewart, Fleetwood Mac, etc. After moving to Nashville and working with my producer, I have found new influences. There are too many to mention.

TNS: Tell us about your experience with Paul Worley. 

FC: Paul and I met when I first moved to town. He told me that I was a great singer, but I need to live and grow in Nashville. He was right. I needed the years of writing and playing to work out exactly who I am as an artist.  Working with Paul is incredible, he always has such amazing ideas and is brutally honest. One time when we were cutting vocals he sent me home because he said I didn't have the right tone that day.. I didn't know weather to laugh or cry but that's what I love about him. He's become my Nashville champion. We are both earlier risers so if conversations need to be had it's usually at 7 in the morning. We are about to go into the studio and cut more songs to complete a full album. I can't wait to get into the creative process with him again.


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