Saturday, October 8, 2016

Husband & Wife Team of Jason Eady and Courtney Patton To Release Album of Duets, Something Together

Artist: Jason Eady and Courtney Patton
Album: Something Together
Release date: Very early 2017

The new year is promising to kick off with a bang as one of the current first couples of Texas have announced the long-awaited rumor is true: Jason Eady and Courtney Patton have finished an album of duets and titled it Something Together.

The project appears to be a combination of songs each of released individually on their own projects as well as some new tunes as well- including a couple covers. One of those covers is "My Favorite Memory" by late great Merle Haggard.

In an interview with Courtney for Saving Country Music this last year, I had the opportunity to talk to her about this project. "It hasn’t happened as quickly as we would have wanted it to, but it’s hard to not write campy duets. To write smart duets is hard. It’s something that will happen for sure. I just get hasty in telling people when."

The project does not have a formal release date year, but in a Facebook comment, Courtney mentioned that she was hoping to have it for release/sale at shows as early as two months from now.

Something Together Track Listing:
  1. Judgment Day (J. Eady)
  2. Twisted (C. Patton)
  3. Lonesome Down & Out (J. Eady, C. Patton)
  4. Suffering Fools (J. Eady, A. Hood)
  5. Man on a Mountain (J. Eady, D. Kennedy, J. Grider, M. Powell)
  6. My Favorite Memory (M. Haggard)
  7. The Words To My Favorite Memory (C. Patton, L. Hooper)
  8. Better Move It On Home (R. Griff)
  9. Where I've Been (J. Eady)
  10. So This Is Life (C. Patton)
  11. Cry Pretty (J. Eady)
  12. Twelve Days (C. Patton)
  13. Love Song (J. Eady)
  14. Welcome Table (Traditional)

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