Friday, November 4, 2016

Song Review - Jack Ingram - "Sailor and the Sea" (Song of the Year Candidate)

Artist: Jack Ingram
Song: "Sailor and the Sea"
Label: Independent
Rating: Five out of Five Stars

Jack released a fantastic collection of songs off his Midnight Motel album this year, but our favorite track from the Texan was this little-heard and independently released dedication to his good friend and late legendary songwriter Guy Clark- about a story that he told Ingram about riding out a hurricane in a boat. 

"He told me a story about riding out Hurricane Carla, 1963, in the bay at Rockport on a boat he had helped restore & was scheduled to sail to Florida the next week. Hurricane Carla took out Galveston. It was a big one. He anchored the boat out in the bay with 100 lb test rope. He tied 10 lines of rope to the anchor, each one 10' ft longer than the previous. As one would break there would be 10 more feet of line & the boat remained steady. Storm passed. Made a few minor repairs & sailed the boat to Florida."

Symbolically, there might not be a better premise for a song and Jack delivers a profoundly insightful dedication to Guy.

"I loved Guy. I didn't need him to but he let me know in ways he knew I'd know that he was glad I was in his world. That felt really fuckin' good. He knew I needed that from him and he gave it to me. Guy Clark took moments of absolute CLARITY and turned them into songs that were clearer than the original moment."

Call me sentimental, but this ode to one of our generations finest songwriters who was lost this year is one of my favorite tracks of the year.

Listen to the track HERE.

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