Friday, December 2, 2016

Alison Krauss Prepares Solo Windy City For February Release

Artist:  Alison Krauss
Album: Windy City
Label: Concord
Release date: February 10, 2017

Krauss will release Windy City, an album of country and bluegrass classics, produced by Buddy Cannon and her first solo release in well over a decade early next year.

Krauss says, “On this album, I wanted to sing songs that are older than I am. There’s a real romance in singing other people’s stories.”

"Making this record was really about Buddy," Krauss told Rolling Stone Country. "A lot of times my work comes from this place of what I call the 'inner-policeman.' You want to do a good job and do something that comes from within yourself and your standards. But as I've worked with Buddy through the years, I've found that my 'why' got attached to him when I work for him. He really makes me want to do a good job.

"Buddy's nickname in town is 'Ears,'" she continues. "In a town full of people who are all so talented, he got the nickname 'Ears.' He has such an instinct for music and is so interested in the personality of the musicians in the room. Getting to work with him again made me so inspired."

"I've never worked less on a record that took so long," jokes Krauss. "Buddy kept looking at his watch, saying, 'We have to finish this before I turn 80!' I kept telling him, 'We've still got time!' He's only in his 60s."

The project will include tracks originally sung by the likes of Brenda Lee, Willie Nelson, Bill Monroe and the Osborne Brothers.

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