Saturday, April 15, 2017

Hear It Here: Brad Paisley Turns Unpublished Johnny Cash Poem To June Carter Into Song For New Album

Brad Paisley has shared another track off of his upcoming album, Love & War — and this one a song fifty years in the works. Adapted from a poem written by Johnny Cash in 1967 to June Carter Cash, “Gold All Over the Ground” finds one country star paying tribute to another with a poignant love song. Johnny and June's son, John Carter Cash, has collected these previously unpublished pieces for a new poetry book that came out this year and brought one to Paisley who put it to music. The song opens with audio snippets of Cash's voice introducing wife June Carter and, at the end of the track, proclaiming that she helped save his life. The poem, anchored by the line, "If you're ever down, I'd give you rows of roses and gold all over the ground," was first published in Cash's posthumous 2016 collection Forever Words.

Below, listen to Paisley and John Carter Cash talk about the process of writing the song and then listen to the song below that.

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