Thursday, May 4, 2017

Emily West Preps Symphonies For An August Release

Artist: Emily West
Album: Symphonies
Label: Indie/Tone Tree
Release date: August 18, 2017

Not that her earlier work wasn't great, but this listener fell in love with Emily West's music with the release of her 2012. I Hate You, I Love You was a renaissance throwback of a project that was genre-bending with its classic vocal and country blend.  It couldn’t have be more different from what Nashville is pushing out these days. West’s gorgeous vocals were showcased across each track and each note was concentrated and given an importance. She reached the ceiling with belted singing and reduces it down to a whisper on a whim- blowing the listener away at each end of the spectrum.

She eventually moved to New York, feeling stifled by the industry’s tendency to put its artists in boxes, and auditioned for the 9th season of America’s Got Talent, where she landed as the immensely popular runner up. Following her success on the show, she signed with Sony Masterworks and released her debut album All For You.

Now, West has announced the upcoming "lush, cinematic EP resembling, according to her, a “dark Disney record.” Symphonies at once pays tribute to the sadness-tinged yearnings of a torch singer while combining with West’s soaring aspiration, resulting in a collection that bursts with the grit and hope of Dorothy in Wizard of Oz and resides on the Hollywood 101." The EP will be released on August 18th.

From the press release:
"Recorded with producer and co-writer Daniel Tashian, Symphonies showcases West’s ability to remain both vocally powerful and delicate. West serves as a tour guide through landscapes as diverse as lonely French boulevards, smoky Tarantino saloons and wistful sunsets over the City of Angels. She slips seamlessly from vocal vamping in her James Bond inspired “Heaven and Back,” with its dark, stealthy fringes and lavish dramatic core, to a confused vulnerability in “Don’t Ever Go to Paris (When You’re Lonely),” with soaring, tender vocals and lyrics full of sarcastic contradictions. The title track, “Symphonies,” retreats into West’s personal reveries, from the intimate to the grandiose. Symphonies is a fairytale for the broken hearted sung in the lightest of pinks. It also combines tears and laughter, nostalgia and hope."

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