Monday, July 10, 2017

Steve Azar Enlists BB King's Band's Help With New Album and Documentary- Both Out August 11

Artist: Steve Azar & The Kings Men
Album: Down at the Liquor Store
Label: Ride Records
Release date: August 11, 2017

His debut album Waitin’ On Joe was released in 2001. The title track went to #1 on CMT and featured Academy award-winning actor Morgan Freeman. From the same album the hit single “I Don’t Have To Be Me, Til Monday” received three Million-Air awards from BMI and is one of the top five most played songs of the past decade on country radio.

In April of 2016, Steve became the first artist to record a full-length studio album at the legendary Mississippi landmark, Club Ebony. (Was it just a coincidence that Steve years prior had released a record with the title track name Indianola, the town in which Club Ebony resides?) They used all vintage gear for the sessions. The gear and the players coupled with the live vibe of the club have contributed to making a record that they believe melds old sounds with new energy. Steve refers to it as a "beautiful train wreck of styles".

A long time in the making, and his first record in 5 years, Steve cut 13 new original tracks. The club, now belonging to the B.B. King Museum, was turned into a recording studio capturing the rich history and vibe of the room and in turn creating inspirational performances on the record. The album, Down At The Liquor Store, was made with the participation of The Kings Men, a group of musicians who backed B.B. King, Elvis Presley and other musical Kings. The combination of Steve's Delta songwriting approach and the band's musical background has created a unique and soulful sound.

The new record is accompanied by a full-length feature documentary combining the making of the record with the musical trajectory of The Kings Men and the historical musical influence of the Mississippi Delta on the world music scene.

1. Rena Lara
2. Start to Wanderin' My Way
3. Tender and Tough
4. Wake Me from the Dead
5. Down at the Liquor Store
6. She Just Rolls with Me
7. I Don't Mind (Most of the Time)
8. Chance I'll Take
9. Over It All
10. Road Isn't There Anymore
11. These Crossroads
12. Ode to Sonny Boy
13. Greenville

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