Tuesday, July 11, 2017

That Nashville Sound Song of the Year Candidate: Ashley McBryde's "Girl Goin' Nowhere"

When you're running through your own Facebook feed and artists and songwriters you follow and are friends with (thank you to Faren Rachels and Mickey Guyton) begin posting about a Grand Ole Opry performance of a song you aren't familiar with, you take notice. Turns out, Ashley McBryde had an invitation to come play the Opry on Friday night and played a teary song about the trials and tribulations about following your heart and chasing the music dream in Nashville. Anyone even slightly familiar with Music City business recognizes exactly how daunting carving a career out of music is- and it's even made more difficult when you're the fairer sex. (Google Saladgate if you need an education there.)  In this case, however, McBryde has taken the naysayers as motivation and built a song about chasing your muse no matter what the obstacles. It's a personal autobiography in three minutes. And it's absolutely fantastic- a certain candidate to join a handful of finalists for our favorite songs of 2017.

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  1. I saw her at Marty Stuart's Late Night Jam at the Ryman last month. She played this song, and it was very well received. I also love "A Little Dive Bar In Dahlonega." Hopefully she's working on a new album that will include both of these songs.