Monday, August 7, 2017

Erin Enderlin Enlists Help From Jamey Johnson, Chris Stapleton, Randy Houser, Ricky Skaggs & More On Upcoming Whiskeytown Crier Album

Artist: Erin Enderlin
Album: Whiskeytown Crier
Contributors: Jamey Johnson, Chris Stapleton, Randy Houser, Ricky Skaggs & More
Release date: September 1, 2017

Erin Enderlin has achieved success (and awards) as a songwriter for country legends such as Randy Travis, Terri Clark and Joey + Rory- and covers a handful of her own compositions here including “Monday Morning Church” (Alan Jackson); “Last Call” (Lee Ann Womack) and “You Don’t Jack” (Luke Bryan). When Enderlin first released her 2013 album, I Let Her Talk, this very site called it one of the ten best albums of the year, marking it as "an incredible record about emotional reactions, love, alcohol and loss. The killer of the album was the title track, a tale of a woman who meets her husband’s lover in a bar, without revealing her identity. The spurned spouse then buys his lover drink after drink as she spills details of the affair.  She sings, “A careless drunk will tell the cold, hard truth”. It's three chords and the truth with a heartache chaser."  It was a project that held a spotlight to an incredible songwriter at the very height of her craft and left us clamoring for more.

Now four years later, she's back with another project and has enlisted some of the most critically-acclaimed names in country music to assist her with the new album. Enderlin’s highly anticipated new album Whiskeytown Crier puts all the sad souls she’s become known for singing and writing about in the same tiny, fictional city. The result is unprecedented: a concept album devoted to women’s experiences in small town, America.   This concept album was produced by Jamey Johnson and Jim “Moose” Brown and features involvement from some of country music's most authentic artists Chris Stapleton, Randy Houser, Ricky Skaggs, Heidi Newfield, Jon Randall, and more.

Whiskeytown Crier tracklist:

1. Intro 
2. Caroline (Jim "Moose" Brown/ Erin Enderlin)
3. Baby Sister (Erin Enderlin/ Shane McAnally/ Felix McTeigue)
4. Ain't It Just Like A Cowboy (Erin Enderlin/ Heather Little)
5. The Blues Are Alive & Well (Erin Enderlin/ Jim "Moose" Brown/ Shane McAnally)
6. Home Sweet Home To Me (Erin Enderlin/ Paul Sikes)
7. Till It's Gone (Jon Randall/ Jim "Moose" Brown/ Erin Enderlin)
8. The Coldest In Town - duet with Randy Houser (Erin Enderlin/ Steve Leslie)
9. Whole Nother Bottle Of Wine (Erin Enderlin/ Heidi Newfield/ Jim "Moose" Brown)
10. Broken (Erin Enderlin)
11. Hickory Wind (Gram Parsons/ Bob Buchanan)
12. Jesse Joe's Cigarettes (Erin Enderlin/ Shane McAnally)
13. His Memory Walks on Water (Erin Enderlin/ Irene Kelley)
14. 'Till I Can Make It On My Own (Billy Sherril/ Tammy Wynette/ George Richey)

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