Saturday, September 30, 2017

Dan Fogelberg Tribute Album Includes Garth Brooks, The Eagles, Zac Brown, Vince Gill & More

Album: A Tribute To Dan Fogelberg
Label: BMG
Release date: 11/1/18

Produced by Fogelberg’s wife, Jean, Norbert Putnam, his lifelong friend/manager, Irving Azoff, and Chuck Morris, the homage to Fogelberg will be released through BMG.
The album contains recreations of some of Dan's biggest hits, such as the Top 10 hits, including "Longer," "Hard to Say," "Leader of the Band," performed by Zac Brown and "Same Old Lang Syne," performed by Train. Songs from his multi-platinum albums are also featured, such as the eponymously titled hits "Phoenix," performed by Garth Brooks, and "Nether Lands," performed by Donna Summer. Additionally, a moving rendition of "Part of the Plan," from 1974's Souvenirs, performed by the Eagles, is included on the collection. A complete track listing can be found below.
"A good thing never dies and that 'good thing' is Dan's music. As for me, my life has been a poor attempt to imitate the man. That man is Dan Fogelberg, and he will live forever in those of us who have let his gift bring so much light to our paths." - Garth Brooks
"I first heard some of Dan's music from Irving Azoff, while visiting him in the early 70's. he played me some demos of songs by a young kid from Peoria, Illinois; a part of the country were both from. I was immediately transported to a musical place that I would look forward to returning to time and again over the years with each new release of a Dan Fogelberg album. So proud to be part of this project." - Michael McDonald.
"I always loved Dan's music and getting the opportunity to sing on the High Country Snows record, over 30 years ago, is still a great memory for me." - Vince Gill
A Tribute to Dan Fogelberg track listing:
1.Phoenix performed by Garth Brooks
2.Nether Lands performed by Donna Summer
3.Better Change performed by Michael McDonald
4.Longer performed by Amy Grant/Vince Gill
5.Same Old Lang Syne performed by Train
6.Don’t Lose Heart performed by Dobie Gray
7.Old Tennessee performed by Fool’s Gold/Denny Henson and Tom Kelly
8.As the Raven Flies performed by Casey James
9.Sutters Mill performed by Randy Owen
10.Run for the Roses performed by The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band with Richie Furay
11.Hard to Say performed by Boz Scaggs
12.Part of the Plan performed by Eagles
13.There’s a Place in the World for a Gambler performed by Jimmy Buffett
14.Leader of the Band performed by Zac Brown

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