Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Kacey Musgraves To Release Golden Hour

Artist: Kacey Musgraves
Album: Golden Hour
Label: UMG Nashville

Kacey Musgraves releases her 4th Studio album for UMG Nashville, Golden Hour. Musgraves describes her new LP as having a "trippy" twist, citing the Bee Gees, Sade, and Neil Young as influences. In addition to reuniting with previous collaborators such as Luke Laird, Shane McAnally, and Natalie Hemby, Musgraves sought out pals Ian Fitchuk and the Silver Seas’ Daniel Tashian as her primary co-producers and co-writers.

"Naturally, her relationship with (new husband Ruston) Kelly inspired plenty of material. "I have a lot more love songs this time around, and I’ve never been one to write a love song and really feel it," Musgraves said to

"On this record, there's the lonely girl, the blissful girl, the new wife, the girl that's missing her mom, the angry girl, the sarcastic girl, the Sixties-sequined Cruella de Vil with the beehive, the shy girl, the life of the party, the winner, the loser – they're all characters on this record. None of them alone are me, but the golden hour is when they all come together and you see me as a whole."

The album will be available on disc, digitally as well as on a clear vinyl limited edition  LP version.

Track listing:

 Side A:
1. Slow Burn
2. Lonely Weekend
3. Butterflies
4. Oh, What A World
5. Mother
6. Love Is A Wild Thing
Side B:
1. Space Cowboy
2. Happy & Sad
3. Velvet Elvis
4. Wonder Woman
5. High Horse
6. Golden Hour
7. Rainbow

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