Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Drew Kennedy and Josh Grider Recording Live Album Together

Artists: Drew Kennedy and Josh Grider
Live Album: TBD
Recording date: July 5, 2018
Release date: TBD

Main Street Crossing, a great little non-profit venue that doubles up as a music hall and a Sunday-morning church, announced that they will be producing their first ever live record from an upcoming July 5 performance with phenomenal singer-songwriters Drew Kennedy and Josh Grider.

Here is what MSC's Matt Davis has to say:
Drew Kennedy - One of the finest songwriters I have ever met. A keen observer of humans, circumstance, and emotions. He has unintentionally helped me become the songwriter that I am and who I am still learning to be.
Josh Grider - I didn’t fall in love with country music until I was 18. I quickly lost some of that love as the new “Country” arrived. Then I found Josh Grider. It was like one of those Christmas movie scenes where the dad is finding out that Santa really is real. Josh is everything that is still right with Country music and everything that it can and should be.
So we are gonna record, mix, master, do artwork, print. It’s gonna be awesome. By the way, these guys are best friends and hopefully they leave some dirty laundry on the stage. Please join us for this epic evening of life and art on July 5. Also, I am printing T-shirt’s without permission. Limited run. Sorry Josh and Drew.
This project will be a follow-up to the critically-acclaimed 2017 release At Home In The Big Lonesome by Kennedy and the terrific release earlier this year by Josh Grider, Good People.

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