Sunday, May 6, 2018

The Band of Heathens Release Live Album, Live Via Satellite

Artist: The Band of Heathens
Album: Live Via Satellite
Label: BOH
Release date: April 27, 2018

That Nashville Sound missed a release last month and we'd be remiss if we didn't make a mention of a project on a band we love.

The Band of Heathens made a giant leap with their last full length album Duende, which landed on Rolling Stone's top 50 Americana and Country Albums of 2017 list - It's only natural that the Band of Heathens – a tireless touring outfit – has made a live album to go along with it. Touring the United States and Europe relentlessly to support the release last year, they found themselves at SiriusXM's satellite radio headquarters in New York City in January of 2017 to perform songs from Duende live in the studio for a recorded session on the Outlaw Country channel. They also offered an incendiary cover of the classic Neil Young song "Alabama" which they wryly dedicated to U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions on air (and received a pile of hate mail for doing so) and delivered a touching version of the Dave Rawlings' (Dave Rawlings Machine/Gillian Welch) ballad "Ruby".

A year later the band finds themselves still riding the wave they created with the release of Duende and plan to follow it up with the release of a 5 song EP from the SiriusXM session called Live Via Satellite (out April 27th on the band's own label BOH Records). According to the press release:
"The session finds the band in excellent form right in the middle of a big album release tour. There's an energy and dynamic present in the live recording true to the Heathens' sound, seamlessly blending rock-n-roll, country and R&B with big vocal harmonies and impeccable instrumental dexterity."

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