Saturday, November 3, 2018

New Music Video From The Song Suffragettes' Emma White - "Ten Year Town"

If you frequent this blog/website even somewhat infrequently, you've probably seen us feature the Song Suffragettes. It's a group of female-only singer-songwriters that do a showcase every Monday night at the Listening Room at 6pm in Nashville. Their talent is undeniable. But every so often, a performance video is posted to their YouTube channel that absolutely stops me in my tracks. This week was one of those times.

Emma White is an artist with an all-together too-familiar story in Nashville. A Nashville transplant by way of Baltimore, White seemed destined for country music after being named after Emmylou Harris. And this talented singer/songwriter has been chasing her musical muse through Nashville looking for that one major cut or break. This track she performed last week at The Listening Room is one for the ages. Chasing one's musical dreams is a passion that is done for the love of music and for every one artist or songwriter that succeeds, there are dozens others that are equally as talented (or more so) that never make it over the hump. This track "Ten Year Town" is one of those songs that details the trials and tribulations of chasing the dream inside Music City. It's one of our favorite songs of the year and I implore you to take a minute and listen to it. It's powerful stuff.


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