Wednesday, December 5, 2018

John Berry Releases New Thomas Road Project

Artist: John Berry
Album: Thomas Road
Label: JB Music
Release date: November 28, 2018

Grammy-winning singer/songwriter, John Berry, has released his latest project. The EP, Thomas Road, is named after the street he grew up on in Decatur, GA and where his passion and love for music took a hold of his desire to become a recording artist.

“I was fortunate to grow up in a home where music was always celebrated. The sounds of gospel, classical, country or pop were always present, but it was the latter years of elementary school into high school that were a significant time for me. Carole King wove "Tapestry," John Denver came down a "Country Road," Cat Stevens rode in on a " Peace Train" and I began playing the guitar,” stated John Berry in the liner notes. “Listening to a white AM radio on the shop table in my dad's garage helped me to dream bigger than who I was. The music drew me in and I had to be a part of it... it was a part of me. With my dad's encouragement and help, we built a little studio in the basement of our house and I recorded my first four albums there. The fire inside me grew. I am beyond grateful for the inspiration I found in family, friends and music on Thomas Road. All those memories keep calling me back home to Thomas Road.”

"As exciting as it was to go into the studio to record new music, to be able to it with my friend Chuck Howard, after so many years, was just amazing. Chuck hears me like no one else and knows how to take me musically where I’ve never thought possible and then, add in the incredible talent of Barry Weeks who co-produced my new project,’ shares Berry. “I am so excited to share this new music with you and I hope these songs will take you to new places that feel familiar." 

Song List:
“Thomas Road” – John Berry / Barry Weeks
“Richest Man” John Berry / Liz Hengber / Will Robinson
“Heavin’ Comin’ Down” – John Wiggins / Bob Moffatt / Clint Moffatt
“Why Didn’t I” – Michael Boggs / Barry Weeks
“Beautifully Broken” – Tiffany Arbuckle Lee / Jenny Slate Lee
“Don’t Think I Ain’t Country” –  Bill Anderson / John Berry

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