Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Honkytonk Concert Video - Randy Rogers & Wade Bowen Perform Their New Album Hold My Beer, Vol. 2

Texans Randy Rogers and Wade Bowen just released their second collaboration together, an appropriately-named Hold My Beer, Vol. 2. The album is a studio extension of their Hold My Beer and Watch This Tour, a fun-loving, friends-first trek across Texas and nearby states off-and-on tour that the two have been on for the better part of the past decade.

The album is representative of everything that’s good about (talented) friends collaborating. There's an inherent underlying feeling of joy and fun with the two throughout the album that's infectious. As you would expect, it's full of the Texas-standards of fiddle and steel and is equal parts smiles and deep-thinking. It's terrific enough for us to hope for Volume 3 and beyond.

Check out this video of them playing their songs from the project below...

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