Friday, March 26, 2021

Hear it Here - Jason Eady's New Single, "Back to Normal" (with Courtney Patton & Jamie Lin Wilson)

Today, That Nashville Sound-favorite, Mississippi-born, and Texas-based artist Jason Eady released “Back to Normal,” his first song release in three years. The new single was produced by the Band of Heathens’ Gordy Quist, and features harmony vocals from Courtney Patton and Jamie Lin Wilson.

“‘Back to Normal’ is a song that came from the quarantine but is meant to apply to any situation after a disruption,” explains Eady. “No matter how big or small that disruption is, you have to accept that change is a fundamental part of life, and just keep moving forward. This was recorded in Austin with some of my favorite players I’ve met through the years, and harmony vocals by Courtney Patton and Jamie Lin Wilson, and produced by my longtime friend Gordy Quist. This was an incredible way to record a song about weathering the storm.”

“Everything you hear is exactly what happened when we hit record—there’s no studio trickery,” says Eady. “It’s got a real family-band feeling to it, where everyone in the room knew how to play in a way that completely fits with what I do.”

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