Wednesday, January 5, 2022

Write You A Song Podcast - An Interview With Jimmie Allen

This morning we share another new podcast from host Tom Mailey from Bonneville radio station New Country 105.1 KNCI in Sacramento. Tom is a country radio veteran with over 30 years of experience in Seattle and Sacramento and a key partner in our Golf & Guitars Children's Charity Music Festival, a little event in our fourteenth year that has raised well north of a million bucks for kids and individuals with disabilities. It highlights the songwriters in our industry and is entitled Write You a Song. 

It's his hope that this podcast will shine a little overdue spotlight on the talented men and women who, mostly behind the scenes, write the songs that become part of our lives. You know their words and music, but maybe not their names: Write You a Song will feature some of country music’s biggest songwriters--like Jeffrey Steele, Brett Warren, Ashley McBryde, Tim Nichols and more.

This month’s guest has wasted little time making the most of his growing career. It hasn’t been that long since he was literally living out of his car on the streets of Nashville. His debut single shot to #1 in November 2018. His 2nd single also went to number 1 and as I put together this podcast, his 3rd single has cracked the top 10. He’s also won awards (2021 CMA New Male Artist). Done TV shows (Dancing With The Stars). Written a children’s book (My Voice Is a Trumpet). Had a couple kids (Naomi and Aayden). Sang with Elton John (The Lockdown Sessions). Started a production company (JAB Entertainment). All while reminding anyone who brings it up that country music isn’t, never has been nor ever should be a space reserved for white artists only.

The lengths it took to set up this interview is a good way to introduce you to Jimmie Allen. It took almost six months before we were able to connect. Once, I managed to pin him down while he was en route to a concert right the day after one of his appearances on Dancing With The Stars. And it was going great until he hit a bad cell service area, and our next chance didn’t come along for another month. That he never gave up on doing this interview- which is such a minor thing in his life – says a lot about who he is. 

And that drive, that thing that keeps him daring to dream some really big, challenging dreams while still making sure to connect with some schlep DJ with a podcast...?  I think it can all be traced back to challenges he first had to face as a young kid, and the people who helped him overcome them. You put that kind experience together with real talent as a singer and a songwriter, and you’ve got something special. 

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