Friday, October 5, 2012

Shooter Jennings and Kid Rock Announce New Upcoming Album Projects

Sometimes country and sometimes Southern rockers Shooter Jennings and Kid Rock both announced new upcoming album projects this week.

Jennings revealed the release date for his follow-up to this year's album Family Man.  The Other Life will be released February 26th, 2013 on Black Country Rock/Entertainment One Records.  The album will be available in digital, CD & Vinyl formats everywhere records are sold. The date was pushed a month because of a very complicated visual entertainment undertaking Shooter & JuddFilms have taken on and to ensure the best experience when being introduced to the record. 

Kid Rock's new album, Rebel Soul, will be dropping a little earlier, November 19, 2012 to be exact. 
"I just want to get back and make a fun Kid Rock record. Whatever it feels like that day in the studio, write those songs, whether they're hip-hop or rock and roll or country, just have fun with it.'"
Kid Rock's first single from the new project is "Let's Ride (Mideast Battle Hymn)." It pays honor to the US troops, a group he often pays tribute to with USO support. 
"I wanted it to be an anthem, something for the guys to get pumped up to when they've got to go out and do these horrendous jobs," he explains. "From being there so many times, I've heard the stuff they listen to when they're out there, blaring stuff from their Humvees, when they're driving around on these missions ... and I said, 'Man, let's try to make them a theme song, to get them pumped up.' We wanted to keep it very truthful, but heavy and hard, and hopefully it's something that will help them get psyched up when they have to do their job."

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