Monday, January 14, 2013

3/5 Will Mark The Release Of Willie Nelson's Let's Face The Music And Dance

In three short months, Willie Nelson turns 80 years old, a milestone which has not slowed down the American icon in the slightest. He's still one of the most prolific songwriters and album producer in any genre. Following the success of his 2012 release Heroes, Willie Nelson has announced a return with his Family band with another album of songs that are near and dear to his heart called Let's Face the Music and Dance.

From the press release:
Like the man himself, this stunning collection is not easily defined by genre or style. The songs include American standards and country classics, Irving Berlin and Carl Perkins, Django Reinhart as well as Willie-penned originals. Yet the result is a beautiful, cohesive set songs about love and reflection in Willie's inimitable style. It is a record in the vein of both Stardust and Redheaded Stranger.
Track listing:

1. Let's Face The Music And Dance
2. Is The Better Part Over
3. You'll Never Know
4. Vous Et Moi
5. Walking My Baby Back Home
6. Matchbox
7. Twilight Time
8. I Can't Give You Anything But Love
9. I'll Keep On Loving You
10. I Wish I Didn't Love You So
11. South Of The Border
12. Nuage
13. Marie (The Dawn Is Breaking)
14. Shame On You

Here is some rough video of Willie playing the title track:

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