Monday, January 14, 2013

American Idol Runner-Up Crystal Bowersox Unveils March Release Date For Sophomore Album

Crystal Bowersox, who finished runner-up on American Idol's 2010 season, tweeted that she will be releasing her second yet-untitled album in March of this year on Shanachie Entertainment Records.

Jakob Dylan of The Wallflowers will guest on the album, which is being produced by Steve Berlin of Los Lobos.

Crystal shares, “I feel like I’m finally achieving a sense of balance in my life and it’s making itself evident in my new material. My career is really still in its infancy and the possibilities are limitless. This will be my second studio album and I’m excited to see what happens. The silvery residue from Idol has faded a bit and now it’s all about what’s true and real in my world. I’m paying way more attention to the things that really matter and making more of my decisions based in kindness and love. My son has taught me so much about that, how strong I can be, even in my weakest moments.”

Shanachie Entertainment General Manager, Randall Grass, says, “On American Idol, Crystal Bowersox stood out as a real singer with a big voice who made an emotional connection with the audience, similar to the way Adele does. Yet we feel the true depth of her talent as a singer and songwriter has not yet been fully exposed and we look forward to achieving that with her new album. We are very excited to be working with her.” Bowersox adds “Shanachie is a good fit for me and my music. I am happy to join the label’s growing list of critically acclaimed and well-respected recording artists. I am really looking forward to working on this new project.”


  1. Oh great, it's about time! Loved her first album, so will be interesting to see what she can achieve on her own.

  2. Check out Crystals EP Once Upon a Time... 5 of her pre-idol recordings... written by Crystal. Frankie May is on Bass... I is truely awesome!!!! You can find it on Amazon, iTunes and from her website