Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Family Friend Reveals New Mindy McCready Song "I'll See You Yesterday"- Listen Here

As it should be, it looks like the final word from Mindy McCready just might just be the new music she so passionately loved. In the aftermath of her tragic suicide earlier this week is a new track that she shared with family friend Danno Hanks not long before her personal demons brought her down. The track is called "I'll See You Yesterday."

According to Hanks, "(This is) the last song produced By David Wilson before his tragic suicide. This song was written by Courtney Dashe, a fan of Mindy McCready's, and Jason Walker. It was recorded by Mindy McCready and has never been released. I acquired it last year when I visited Mindy & David at their home in Heber Springs, Arkansas. Mindy & David wanted me to listen to it and give my opinion. I do not have the rights to the song. I hope that this will inspire those that need help to reach out and ask for it. Contact The rights are retained by the artist. It will be available on i-Tunes very soon."

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