Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Glen Campbell Announces New See You There Album

When Glen Campbell finished his final tour last year while still battling Alzheimer Disease, the music world thought it might have heard the last from the musician. Campbell announced in 2011 that he was suffering from the disease and would release one last album and do a final tour before permanently retiring. He released the album, Ghost on the Canvas, that year and toured through the latter part of 2012.

He now is too ill for additional touring although his wife, Kim, did tell the AP "Glen still wants to record, but it's just a matter of if he's able to. It just gets more and more difficult for him all the time."

She did say that he still plays golf and jams with other musicians that they invite to their home.

While the progression of the disease was expected, what wasn't was another album of new recordings. Ghost on the Canvas was meant to be a swansong but the sessions for that album included the recording of many of Campbell's classics in new, more mature versions.

Surfdog (the record label for which Campbell now records) owner Dave Kaplan said that the new versions of the songs are much different. "I was immediately struck that they were kind of intimate and they definitely shook your spine. They were haunting and stunning and had this new intimacy in a way I hadn't heard these songs."

The album, See You There, will be out August 6.

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