Monday, August 10, 2015

Chris Young Announces Release Of I'm Coming Over Album This Fall

Artist: Chris Young
Album: I'm Coming Over
Label: RCA Nashville
Release date: Fall TBD

Grammy-nominated country singer Chris Young announced yesterday that his fifth album will be coming out this fall (date to be determined) and features collaborations with Vince Gill and Cassadee Pope.

Says Young on the new project, "I’m really proud of that song and sound, I think it’s a great bridge from where I’ve been over the past few albums and where I’m going—that’s why I wanted to name the whole project after it.” As for what fans can expect out of that change more specifically, he says, “It’s tough to describe without people hearing it but I think you hear a little bit more of the R&B stuff I used to listen to. And then there’s some changes in the production stuff and a little stylistic stuff.”

When asked about the album collaborations, Young responded, “I’ve always been a huge Vince Gill fan—that was the first concert I ever went to—and when I asked him if he would want to sing or play on it, he asked if I wanted to come over and do it in his studio and I was like, ‘Yes I do!’ [laughs] So we get over there and after he sang a bunch of harmonies he asked if I wanted him to play guitar—he thought maybe our styles didn’t match up, and I just remember turning to the right and seeing his wall of Grammys and going, ‘Yes, I want you to play.’ And he killed it.”

And on Pope, “She’s a phenomenal singer. She made me step up my game. I wanted to do a duet on this record but Carrie and Miranda had just done one and there really aren’t that many females in the format. So I was looking around and people were giving us names and I went out and saw this show she was playing, and I’d heard she was a great singer, and I was like, ‘Good lord!’ And then she said yes, which was awesome. She came in the studio, she sang it three times and could have stopped with two. She’s that good.”

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