Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Randy Houser To Get Fired Up In March

Artist: Randy Houser
Album: Fired Up
Label: Stoney Creek
Release date: March 11, 2016

Randy Houser and his label Stoney Creek have announced the title, track list and release date of his new album. Fired Up, featuring a full set of 17 songs, including current single "We Went," will hit stores on March 11th.

Fired Up also finds Houser re-teaming with Derek George, the producer of How Country Feels, which ultimately yielded three consecutive No. 1 hits (“How Country Feels,” “Runnin’ Outta Moonlight” and “Goodnight Kiss”) and a Top 5 smash with the CMA-nominated “Like A Cowboy.”

"I'm very excited to finally get some new music out there,” said Houser. “Three years is a bit longer than I expected in between How Country Feels and this record, and so much has happened in that time. I wrote a handful of songs on Fired Up, but there are songs like ‘A Little Bit Older’ that I knew I had to record the moment I heard them."

1. “Back” (Jeffrey Steele, Bridgette Tatum)
2. “We Went” (Justin Wilson, Matt Rogers, John King)
3. “Chasing Down a Good Time” (Randy Houser, Steele, Anthony Smith)
4. “Senior Year” (Houser, Rob Hatch)
5. “Mine Tonight” (Dallas Davidson, Rhett Akins, Ben Hayslip)
6. “Lucky Me” (Houser, Davidson, Craig Wiseman)
7. “Song Number 7” (Wilson, Hayslip, Chris Janson)
8. “Before Midnight” (Houser, Shane Minor, Derek George)
9. “True” (Houser, Rob Hatch)
10. “Yesterday’s Whiskey” (Brice Long, Kylie Sackley)
11. “Fired Up” (Hatch, Davidson)
12. “A Little Bit Older” (Neil Thrasher, Michael Dulaney, Tony Martin)
13. “Gotta Get You Home” (Davidson, Ashley Gorley, Kelley Lovelace)
14. “Hot Beer and Cold Women” (Brett Warren, Brad Warren, Travis Meadows)
15. “Same Ole Saturday Night” (Davidson, Hayslip, Martin Johnson)
16. “One Way” (Chris Stapleton, Lee Miller)
17. “Whiskeysippi River” (Josh Jenkins, Matt Jenkins, Trevor Rosen)

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  1. Looking at the songwriting credits, I have plenty of reason to be skeptical. I see five co-writes from Dallas Davidson, who has helped to write some of the most egregious songs on country radio in the last ten years. I'm glad to see Travis Meadows and Chris Stapleton, albeit toward the end of the album, not surprisingly. But, I'll have to reserve judgment until I hear the whole album. Even mediocre songwriters can turn a leaf and surprise us.