Saturday, December 10, 2016

A Christmas Story: Jimmy Wayne and Quintavious Johnson

For anyone that knows Jimmy Wayne just a little bit, they recognize that his calling goes beyond writing and performing hits for country radio and fans. I first had the genuine privilege of making his acquaintance several years back when he volunteered a music performance in a children’s charity fundraiser I put on in my hometown. If you ever have the same opportunity to spend even a small amount of time with him, you’ll find his indomitable spirit and his passion for kids- especially foster kids- inspiring. There is a genuineness to it that doesn’t beat you over the head with a message. It educates and, probably much to do with his songwriting background, provides some of the most compelling storytelling you’ve ever heard. 

Let me share another unique and special Jimmy Wayne story with you all that you probably haven't heard.

In 2013, Jimmy overheard a young man singing in the hallway of a church and was so star struck by the beauty in his voice, connected with the Grand Ole Opry who gave him permission to bring him up on stage to sing with him in his segment.

Jimmy says, "I heard Quintavious Johnson singing "Jesus Loves Me" backstage in the hallway at a church. I asked someone nearby, "Who in the world is that singing?" They pointed at a 12-year-old boy. I connected with his parent and asked if I could bring him on stage at the Grand Ole Opry to sing that song. He received a standing ovation that night at the Opry house. It was sold out! He is definitely one of the most amazing singers I've ever met my life."

That could have been the end of the story. But it wasn't. The Opry performance propelled Johnson to try out for America's Got Talent and not only was he selected to perform on the stage, but he would go on to finish in the Top 7 in Season 9. 

And yet the story goes on and comes full circle back to Jimmy.

Jimmy had written a special Christmas song with Mark Nesler entitled "A Home on Christmas Day." He reached out to those in charge of Johnson's budding singing career and asked if he would record the track.

Jimmy says, "His parent and former manager allowed Quinn to record this Christmas song. Thanks Quinn. I hope many people here and see this video and connect with you and help you with your career. You deserve it!"

This is that track, released earlier this week. Let it be a spark to light a fire inside you to make a difference in someone's life this holiday season.

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