Saturday, December 10, 2016

Lauren Alaina Preps Sophomore Album For Late January Release

Artist: Lauren Alaina
Album: Road Less Traveled
Label: Mercury Nashville/19/Interscope
Release date: January 27, 2017

Former American Idol alum Lauren Alaina's long-awaited project is aptly titled Road Less Traveled, named after the title cut (and current Top 20 hit single), and hits everywhere Jan. 27. The 12-track LP follows her 2011 debut studio album Wildflower.  The project has Alaina as a co-write on each and every song and is packed with its share of very strong songwriters, including Caitlyn Smith and Dan Couch on fan-favorite "Same Day Different Bottle" (a revealing autobiographical ballad about her father's struggle with alcoholism) and Emily Shackleton (on "Doin' Fine" and "Think Outside the Boy"), among many others.

“I am so excited to get this album out,” Alaina shared in a press statement. “[I've] grown so much as a person, a songwriter and an artist in that time. These songs are a true representation of who I am, where I’ve been and where I’m going. This album has pushed me to accept who I am and be 100-percent honest about it. I can’t wait to share my stories, my music and myself with the world.”

1. “Doin’ Fine” (Lauren Alaina, Emily Shackleton, busbee)
2. “My Kinda People” (Lauren Alaina, Emily Weisband, busbee)
3. “Three” (Lauren Alaina, Seth Ennis, Jordan Reynolds)
4. “Road Less Traveled” (Lauren Alaina, Jesse Frasure, Meghan Trainor)
5. “Queen of Hearts” (Lauren Alaina, Lindsey Lee, Victoria Banks)
6. “Think Outside the Boy” (Lauren Alaina, Emily Shackleton)
7. “Painting Pillows” (Lauren Alaina, Lindsay Jack Rimes, Alex Masters)
8. “Next Boyfriend” (Lauren Alaina, Emily Weisband, Matt McVaney)
9. “Crashin’ the Boys Club” (Lauren Alaina, Emily Weisband, Johan Fransson)
10. “Same Day Different Bottle” (Lauren Alaina, Caitlyn Smith, Dan Couch)
11. “Holding the Other” (Lauren Alaina, Emily Weisband, Eric Olson)
12. “Pretty” (Lauren Alaina, Felicia Barton, Emily Weisband)

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