Monday, April 24, 2017

New Music Video From Joey Feek - "Red"

Rory Feek, on this newly unveiled music video that his bride made more than a dozen years ago, "In the spring of 2005, Joey and I were still newlyweds (we had only been married for three years). I was still just writing songs for a living and Joey was a solo artist, at least she wanted to be. But unfortunately, the doors on music row weren't opening for her. And the few that did open, seemed to close again right away. So, that April, we went in a small studio in Nashville and recorded an album of songs with Joey singing and me and our friend Bill McDermott behind the control board."

"She recorded beautiful ballads and touching story songs along with some fun uptempo tunes as well. She also made two music videos. This is one of them.  Filmed at and around our farm with friends and family later in the summer that year, Joey was still in her twenties, working full time at horse-vet clinic..."

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  1. Beautiful woman, beautiful voice, never got the recognition and airplay she deserved, gone way too soon.