Tuesday, October 3, 2017

A Short Editor's Note On The Harvest 91 Shooting

For my daily readers, I apologize for having the site being dark yesterday. I didn't know how to respond. Like much of America, I had been up for much of the night after finding out about Sunday night's truly awful mass shooting at the Harvest 91 Country Music Festival in Las Vegas. I had friends in the music industry there and several artists that have participated in my own Golf & Guitars Music Festival that were on site when the shooting rang out. Thankfully, they each made it away to safety. But nearly 60 other individuals won't be going home. It's senseless. It's tragic.

This one hits home and fills me with an immense amount of sorrow. The victims weren't strangers. They were brothers and sisters not only to their own families, but were part of a larger family of country music fans that each one of us is part of.  If you're a music aficionado, you have been in a crowd just like that one- maybe not in Las Vegas, but in your hometown completely lost in the music. Not lost in the music.

No one should ever get shot over following their passion for this incredible form of expression that we all love. They sure as hell should never lose their life.

Let's all continue to look for healing and answers and until then, send a little love out there to the universe. We all have the ability to power positivity to those we surround ourselves with. I'll do the same and together, we can try to heal the broken and find our way back to the music. May the memory of those who lost their lives in Las Vegas live eternally.

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