Saturday, August 22, 2015

1999 Live Concert from Emmylou Harris and Linda Ronstadt To See Release Next Month

Artists: Emmylou Harris and Linda Ronstadt
Album: Live on KSWM
Label: Laser Media
Release date: Sep 18, 2015

While Parkinson's disease has robbed Linda Ronstadt from the ability to sing, fans of her voice will have a new recording to add to their collection in the near future. A long-lost radio broadcast from KSWM, recorded in 1999, will see its release finally. This show contains duets of Linda Ronstadt and Emmylou Harris from a show in San Francisco and features Buddy Miller and Bernie Leaden. The double CD will feature more than 30 songs including many of each of their respective hits played live.

Track listing:

Disk: 1
1. Loving The Highwayman
2. For A Dancer
3. Raise The Dead
4. Icy Blue Heart
5. The Blue Train
6. Valerie
7. It Doesn't Matter Anymore
8. Blue Bayou
9. 1917
10. Green Pastures
11. Orphan Girl
12. Telling Me Lies
13. All I Left Behind
14. Get Up John
Disk: 2
1. Hello Stranger
2. Sweet Spot
3. He Was Mine
4. Sisters Of Mercy
5. This Is To Mother You
6. Falling Down
7. Goin Back To Harlan
8. Talk Top Me Of Mendocino
9. Heart Like A Wheel
10. Wheels
11. Born To Run
12. Feels Like Home
13. Rose Of Cimarron
14. Intro
15. Pancho & Lefty
16. High Sierra

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